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Welcome To Your Property Profits

Founded in 2016, the Your Property Profits story is firmly rooted in founder Sophie Mclean’s passion for providing clients with a better future. Her vision for her clients’ success is so strong that she takes on 100% of the risk of renovating their homes.

Her radically generous approach has proved to be a triumph again and again for our delighted clients, who consistently walk away with higher profits, for no work and no upfront costs. 

Where It All Began

After many years’ experience in property investment and development, it became clear to Sophie that many people selling their homes lacked either the knowledge or the finances they needed to achieve the highest possible price.

Our first client owned her own home but was cash poor, living on a pension. She’d received offers to buy her property but they were well undervalued. Sophie realised that all she needed was some upfront money and a lending hand to get the property in top condition to achieve a dramatically higher sale price.

We provided the funds and used our strategic renovation experience to transform the home’s condition and increase its value. As a result, she sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than previous bids she’d received. Our strategies helped her to pay off her debts and allowed her to walk forward with her life without financial strain – without paying a cent or lifting a finger.

A Success Story

Since our first happy client, we’ve gone from strength to strength, helping more Australians to renovate and sell their properties at a profit. Our mission is to see our clients walk away free of debt, with higher profits for the homes that they worked so hard for.

Our biggest sense of achievement comes from seeing our clients with more choices available to them as they move forward into the next stages of their lives. Referrals from happy clients remain our biggest client base. 

Making a Difference

Awarded ‘Best Regional Strategic Renovation Company – Eastern Australia 2023’ by APAC Insider magazine’s Australian Enterprise Awards!

We’re proud to make a dramatic difference in the lives of homeowners who don’t have the cashflow or the know-how to renovate strategically before they sell. Our award winning service leaves them in a more stable financial position than if they’d sold without us.

Empowering Women

Honored to be a finalist in the 2023 Canberra Women in Business Synergy Awards!

These awards celebrate the dedication of women-led businesses and their impact on our community. So wonderful to see all the hard work helping others recognised and loving seeing the Canberra Community celebrating Girl Power in business right across the state!

AUSBRB - Verified

Honored to receive the AUSBRB Best Business Verification Certificate!

Our commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction has set new industry standards. We don’t just renovate homes; we renovate lives, ensuring that those facing financial distress can move forward with more money in their pockets for a brighter future. 

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