An expert guide to styling your home

You’ve finished your renovation, and now you’re ready to sell. But how do you style your home in order for potential buyers to love it?

We spoke to former editor of Home Beautiful magazine, Wendy Moore for her top tips for styling your home like a pro.

Don’t forget the flooring
According to Wendy, the flooring of your home is incredibly important to the overall feel. “Flooring often doesn’t get considered. Yet, flooring can set the tone, the style, and the colour scheme for an entire room. Often, people will update their rooms and not do the flooring, and that lets down the entire makeover.” So, consider the different options from wood to tiles, carpet, vinyl and natural stone.

Capture the natural Light
Look, I think in general, architecture has allowed for more natural light. We value natural light coming into homes, and we have architecture and technology that means we can allow that to happen. When a lot of the houses that we live in were built in, even back in the ’80s, but definitely in the turn of the century. We still have a lot of Victorian California bungalows that we’re living in. They’re not designed to capture natural light, which means that it was really hard to have indoor plants back then. But the kind of work that we do now, the renovations… I’m just about completed a renovation at the moment, and what we wanted is to capture as much natural light as we could. Suddenly, you have an environment where plants can actually live, and you have enough airflow, and so they are actually able to survive.

Don’t forget greenery
We love having plants around us for a number of reasons. Obviously, there is an innate sense of calm that comes from being surrounded by greenery. You can tell. As soon as you sit amongst the forest you feel calmer, you feel fresher, your mind clears. Creating that style or that feel at home is really important. The other thing that I think that it does is it brings a room or a home to life instantly. We’re all struggling, and I find this with any of the clients that I do some interiors with, they’re struggling to make their home feel lived in. A plant creates life in a room instantly. That means that introducing them makes the home feel more comfortable. It makes it feel more relaxed and welcoming and it makes it feel like you actually belong there. It’s a great design trick from that point of view. Then, I think the final thing is, that plants are a great way to bring acceptable colour into a room. You can have a red scheme, or whatever scheme you have in your room, and plants always work, so it’s a way of adding colour without having any clash. Plants don’t clash with any colour scheme, so you can bring them in and they work, and it allows you to bring more textures and layers of colour into a room without cluttering it or making it feel like this clashes.

Be flexible
You have a lot of independent adults sharing the same space, so when you’re renovating or building, you want to create spaces that can be super flexible so that your teenager, in 10 years time, can come back and live at home if they need to save money to buy a house, or save money to go to uni, or whatever it is that they need to kind of do. A lot of parents are trying to create homes that make that work. That means that a lot of little rooms just aren’t as flexible as some rooms that can open and close, or connect, or be cut off. I think that flexibility… We need homes to be future proof for us.

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