How to make your home look and feel bigger

One thing we can’t get enough of in our homes is space, but what if your home is small and cosy? Well, in order for buyers to see the potential of your property, there are a few ways to accentuate the space you do have. For inspiration, we’re going straight to one of our favourite designers, Bobby Berk from Queer Eye. His interiors always have a clean sophistication to them, which is perfect for when you are renovating to sell. Here are his top four tips:

Renovating - Your Property profits

Use mirrors where you can (but not too many!)
Mirrors can be an effective addition to any small home; by reflecting the space you do have, you’ll essentially double the feel of the room. If you can, hang a large mirror so that it reflects the main light source, that way the room will be opened up even more. “A round mirror works well to soften a space and break up the vertical and horizontal lines in a room,” says Bobby. We couldn’t agree more. Work with the shapes you have and use styling to amplify the room. Not sure how to do that? Our YPP designers can help with that. They will find the angles that work the best and the styling that buyers look for right now.

Go vertical or horizontal
If you’ve got a high ceiling, then using the vertical space in your design will help accentuate them and make the space feel bigger. Think a tall bookcase, floor-to-ceiling cupboards or even artwork. For wider rooms, look towards the horizontal space you have. By accentuating that with bookcases, wallpaper or a long shelve, you’ll draw attention to that space. Bobby says: “Whether up and down, or all around, emphasising the height or width of a room is another trick for making a space feel more spacious.”  Sounds a little complicated? Chat to us about how to do this without spending too much money. Buyers look for certain rooms and styles, we can help you create what they are looking for. 

Scale your furniture down
Sometimes the best thing to do is actually display smaller furniture during your open houses; a small room with large couch will always feel cramped. Instead, consider armless side chairs, two-person couches, and round dining tables to help with space management. “Choose furniture that has narrow legs or glass tops, as it will feel lighter and take up less visual weight in a small space,” advises Bobby. Don’t want to buy all new furniture for a house you are selling? That’s not a problem. Your Property Profits designers can help hire the right furniture for your home, so that come open day potential buyers see the true value of your place.

Use paint wisely (and know the tricks)
A fresh coat of paint is one of the best investments in your pre-sale home that you can do. There’s nothing quite as inviting as a house that is clean and bright, with new paint on the walls. But don’t forget things like the ceiling, moldings, and doors… if you paint them the same shade as your walls, the walls will appear to recede making the space feel bigger. “Darker coloured walls can actually make a room feel wider,” says Bobby, “while extending your wall colour several inches onto the ceiling creates the illusion of more ceiling height.” These are just the kinds of tricks we can apply to your home so it’s ready for sale, looking the best it can be.

Not sure where to start or don’t have the time (or skills) to do your own renovation? It’s time to consider enlisting the help of professionals to get the job done. Here at Your Property Profits, we want to understand your expectations for your home, so we can help bring you the most value to your property. Not only is renovating for sale with us less stressful, but we’ve also partnered with the best contractors in the business. That way, you’ll be able to sell for more. Interested in finding out what Your Property Profits can do for you? Find out more or contact us for a chat about your home.