How to renovate a bathroom buyers will fall in love with

When it comes to selling your house for a profit, there are certain rooms that affect buyers’ decisions more than others, and according to Eoin Ryan-Hicks, from L J Hooker, one of those is your bathrooms.

“Over the past five years, renovation costs have increased, and so buyers tend to be more interested in property where the renovations in these areas are already complete,” he says. “In some cases, buyers won’t even inspect a home if it doesn’t have updated bathrooms and kitchen. It’s just not worth their time.”

So here are some of the ways you can add value and modernity to your bathrooms – without having to break the bank.

1. Add a splash of paint

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for just about any room in your home, more so if it’s your bathroom. Buyer’s like to feel like the bathroom is clean, well-kept, and inviting. Consider also painting your tiles, especially if they are dated. As for paint colours, Scandinavian colour palettes are trending, so look for neutral colours, such as greys, white tiles, and minimal ornamentation to invoke a sense of balance and harmony. The aim is to create a clutter-free and calming environment, making the bathroom a peaceful retreat.

2. Update old fixtures

Renovating an entire bathroom can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so to create a more updated feel, replace any rusty or ageing fixtures, including taps, showerhead, and cabinet handles. Right now, buyers are increasingly looking for matte black and silver fixtures as they add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

3. Decorate with plants

One of the biggest trends of the year is known as ‘biophilic design’, which is simply emphasising natural light and using of plants to create a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Homeowners are increasingly seeking to incorporate the outdoors into their bathrooms to promote relaxation and wellbeing. Great options for bathroom greenery are the hardy Bird’s Nest Fern and the trusty Monstera plant.

4. Don’t forget storage

Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces for a daily shower. Instead, they are evolving into multifunctional retreats that cater to self-care and relaxation. Make sure your bathrooms feel spacious by reducing any clutter, and consider adding seating, cosy nooks, or integrated storage solutions so make it feel more versatile to buyers.

5. Replace old linen

There’s nothing more off putting than tattered towels and tired bathmats. Before sale day, replace all of these items and replace them with new colour-coordinated linen. Remove any personal items such as toothbrushes, razors, and any slimy soaps, and make sure the bathroom smells clean but not of chemicals. You could light a candle or add a diffuser as well to create a welcoming smell.

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