How to update your curb appeal for sale day

It can be easy to forget about the outside of your house when you’re renovating your home for sale, however, it’s the first impression that a potential buyer will have of your property. And for that reason, it’s essential that your home has strong curb appeal.

The key to updating the outside of your home is to think like a buyer. One way to do this is to drive or walk past your property a few times – what do you notice? What looks out of place? What could look better?

The idea is to create a home that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. So it should come as no surprise that the first and most obvious thing to do for better curb appeal is tidy up!

Once you start cleaning up and throwing away old pot plants, clutter, and any rubbish around your home, you’ll see what a difference it makes to how your property looks.

A quick clean with a hose will make driveways, dirty doors, and outdoor furniture look cleaner, and don’t forget to use a broom to get down any cobwebs, dirt, and dust from the corners of verandahs and balconies.

In the garden, the obvious actions are to re-weed garden beds and mow the lawn. Then sweeping up any loose leaves and cutting back any overgrown plants will make a huge difference. But it’s also a good idea to refill birdbaths, place mulch down in between plants and clean out any ponds. Try to make the garden look low maintenance and neat.

The challenging part of renovating your home for sale is knowing where to spend your money, and where to save it. It’s incredibly easy to overspend in areas and rooms that potential buyers won’t even notice.

To make sure you only spend on elements that will make you more money in the long term, it’s best to use a professional renovating for-sale business, like Your Property Profits. That way, you’ll earn more money than you expect from the sale. In the right hands, renovating your home to maximize your profits doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Not sure where to start or don’t have the time (or skills) to do your own renovation? It’s time to consider enlisting the help of professionals to get the job done. Here at Your Property Profits, we want to understand your expectations for your home, so we can help bring you the most value to your property. Interested in finding out what Your Property Profits can do for you? Find out more or contact us for a chat about your home.