Tips for updating your garden before selling

There are a few simple, easy and inexpensive ways you can get your garden looking its best before your house goes on the market. The front garden, in particular, will be the first thing potential buyers see when they arrive so you want to be sure you are making a good first impression with clean pathways, no weeds and freshly mowed lawn.

If your garden is generally well maintained, it’s just about giving it a polish, which should only take a short time. Focus on  decluttering and pruning to make it look today and manageable. If mulch hasn’t been replaced in a while, now’s the time, and if you have one of those annoying trees that’s always dropping needles or leaves, get the rake out. Replace dead pot plants, get rid of children’s toys, and put garden tools away. Ratty or faded garden furniture needs to go – you can give it a coat of paint, or consider hiring some fresh pieces to make your garden look more inviting (ask us about this!).

During spring and summer, your garden is likely to be blooming and lush, so it’ll be more about pruning and tidying but if it’s winter – or if you’re not much of a gardener – you may want to consider adding a few new plants. Look for bright flowers to add pops of colour and sturdy foliage to fill any gaps in the garden or hide unsightly pipes or peeling paint. If you’ve got a few weeks, you can dig them in properly but if you’re in a hurry, just invest in some attractive pots and place them strategically.

Patchy lawns are a reality of our dry climate (and aren’t helped by digging pets or children) but they aren’t appealing. One of the greatest investments you can make in your garden is rolled turf – lush, green lawn in just a few hours, or consider gravel.

Don’t try to undertake complicated landscaping or adventurous plantings – potential buyers can be easily put off by a garden that looks hard to maintain. Plus, they probably have their own ideas about the perfect garden, so you want to present them with a blank (but attractive) canvas.

If the thought of tackling the garden along with everything else that needs to be done is too much (or you just hate gardening), consider enlisting the help of professionals. Here at Your Property Profits, we want to understand your expectations for your home, so we can help bring you the most value to your property. Find out more or contact us for a chat about your home.