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Are you thinking of selling but feel overwhelmed by the repairs you’d need to do first? Are you experiencing financial hardship and needing to sell fast? Whatever your financial position, we’re here to help.

Sell fast, sell for more.


Who We Help

Homeowners experiencing financial hardship

If you’re struggling to pay bills or have debt collectors calling, you might feel like you need to sell your house fast to avoid the bank repossessing your home. That’s a frightening and stressful situation to find yourself in.

If you can’t access funds, the bank may repossess your home or you may be forced to accept a fire-sale of your assets at an extreme discount. 

Our Financial Assistance Package gets the banks off your bank and buys you the time you need to get the highest possible price for your home. We pay upfront, renovate your home for you, and sell it fast for absolute top dollar.

With more profit from your sale, debts cleared and the stress gone, you can build a solid new foundation for a brighter future. 

Read more on our Financial Assistance page

People who want to sell but don’t have the cashflow to fix up their home

If you’re on a pension, are no longer working, or simply doing your best in this current financial climate, finding the cash to fix up your home before your sell can seem impossible. But the truth is that you’ll get a dramatically higher selling price for your home if you’ve renovated it first.

We’re not interested in buying you out of the market. We want to help you to stay strong in the real estate market by renovating your house for you before you sell – so you profit.

We renovate strategically to increase the value of your home. You can trust that we won’t overcapitalise because we’re investing our own money. We take the risk so you don’t have to, and we don’t make money if you don’t. We take care of everything for you, so you can walk away with more money and less stress.  

Give us a call today and see how we can help. 

People managing their loved ones’ estates

Managing the estate of someone close who you’re caring for or who has passed away is a major life stressor. Perhaps you’re looking for best assisted living options for a beloved spouse or family member who can no longer live independently, or perhaps you’re already grieving their loss.

If you’re looking at selling, our team will shine a ray of light and hope. We take care of everything so you can focus on the things that matter most to you and your family.

Let go of the worry and stress, knowing that we’ll look after you and your loved one’s home with complete care and respect. We’ll transform their beloved family home and give it a new lease of life for the next generation, while you and your loved one benefit from more profit, for zero effort.

Read more about us or give us a call to book your free consultation.  

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How We Help

We renovate, we pay, and you profit. There are no financial checks and no upfront costs.

We leave you in a better financial position than if you’d sold without us.

We pay all the upfront costs, and we do all the work. We get the job done fast, and we look after you and your home every step of the way. You don’t have to invest a cent or lift a finger. We have a vested interest in your success, so you know we won’t overcapitalise. That’s because if you don’t make money, neither do we.

We also offer an additional YPP Financial Assistance Package for homeowners needing urgent help, which is not means tested.

And our sustainability commitments mean we offset two tonnes of carbon for every $10,000 we spend on renovations!

Are you thinking of downsizing or selling? Give yourself the fresh new start you deserve with Your Property Profits. 

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Our Steps

1. Your free consultation

First, we get to know each other. We need to understand your timeframes and needs so we can offer the best possible solution for your unique situation.

2. We evaluate your property and design your renovation

We evaluate your property, and allowing for your timeframes and needs, and create a unique renovation strategy designed to increase your home’s value and maximise your profit.

3. We present your proposal and sign contracts

We create a concise budget for the entire build and present you with a detailed proposal. When you’re happy, we sign contracts and establish a start date to begin work on your home.

4. We renovate, style and market your home

Sit back while we transform your home, inside and out, into a well-planned masterpiece! Once the renovation is complete, our specialists will clean, style and market your home to achieve the highest possible price. We’ll ensure your home looks its absolute best before it hits the market.

5. We sell your home for top dollar

Time to celebrate! Upon settlement, we recover our costs and our fee via your solicitor from the profit we make you from renovating your home. You walk away with more in your pocket than you would have if you’d sold without us, without doing a thing. You get a flying start for the next phase of your life!

Why Choose Us

We take all the risk, so you don’t have to.  The current value of your home is guaranteed to you before we begin works – so you can ONLY gain by working with us. You literally have nothing to lose!

If you don’t make money, neither do we. Working with us is a business partnership. Our success is your success. 

We have a proven track record of success. This is supported by the glowing testimonials on our Projects pages and our consistent client referrals.

We have our own trusted team of tradespeople at our disposal. No need to worry about managing tradies or knowing they’ll be up to scratch – we’ve got that covered.

We’re strategic renovation professionals. No need to worry about overcapitalising or spending money in the wrong places. Our strategic renovations are designed to meet market needs and make you money. You’re in safe hands.

We look after you, every step of the way. We take care of everything, from decluttering to styling and selling. You just relax and decide what’s next for you and your family once the house is sold and there’s money in your pocket.

We’re COVID-safe. We care about keeping you healthy and safe, and can provide COVID-19 vaccination certificates upon request. 

We care about the environment. We offset two tonnes of carbon emissions for every $10,000 we spend on renovations. Read more about the projects we support on our Sustainability page.

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What our clients have to say


Provided your property looks its best, is priced right, marketed well and sold using the best agents, your home will sell.

Importantly, we won’t charge you any interest on your renovation costs or service fees for 5 months, which gives us time to sell your home at the right price before you incur any additional fees or charges.

Because our renovations are extensive, we ask that you leave your home empty for us before we start work. We offer a range of services to assist you in the movement process and to accommodate your family if necessary.

We specialise in strategic renovations for homeowners who wish to sell. However, if you wish to renovate to stay but are worried about overcapitalising, we offer a consulting package that includes a design and recommendations for how to make the most of your home. 

We renovate solely for the purpose of increasing the value of your property in preparation for sale. We stay consistent with current trends, taking out personal taste to cater to the wider existing market. This is our area of expertise and we ask you to trust us – we won’t let you down!

If you are staying in your home, then you have total control over what is done to your house. There will be a different payment structure in cases where you want to keep the property.

We carefully research your home and area to ensure we know what sells, what buyers want, and what price they are willing to pay. We only renovate areas of your home that provide an uplift in the sale price. If our research shows we can’t create a worthwhile increase in value for you, we won’t waste your time.

Upon the completion of the settlement of your home, we recover all the costs we’ve incurred to date on the renovation, legal bills, styling and marketing, etc., plus our service fee. This fee is determined ahead of the commencement of works based on an assessment of what is needed. Our service fees are modest and are relative to our goal of ensuring your house sells fast and for the highest possible price.

We cover all the renovation costs until either the release of the buyer’s deposit or settlement of the sale of your home. At settlement, your solicitors distribute whatever is owed on your mortgage back to the bank (if owed), pay us for renovation costs and fees and then give the balance of the sale to you.

We’ll give you progress updates however often you request – daily, weekly or monthly. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

We make every effort to ensure you sell for the highest price possible; our business depends on it! A number of factors are worth considering when working to maximise your sales price:

  • Market shifts. With every home we invest in, we research heavily to ensure there is enough uplift.
  • Time sensitivity. We aim to renovate and have your home on the market within a 4-6 week period or less.
  • No overpaying for the renovation. We undertake all works at cost price.
  • Lack of knowledge. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We take all the stress out of it – you just move out and close the door. The rest is up to us.

You absolutely must speak to your lawyers and accountants about this partnership. We also encourage your lawyers or accountants to speak directly with our accountants and lawyers if they require further information.

We’ll give you time to think over your decision and will contact you on the date agreed for follow up.

Not a cent. You only pay cost price on the renovation. In fact, our pricing is well below retail. All the costs and receipts itemised for you on our project management platform so you can be sure there’s no mark-up. You only pay the service fee which we agree on before we start.

While speed varies according to the extent of work required for each property, we pride ourselves on a rapid renovation time. The average renovation will take 3-6 weeks from the nominated start date to listing the property for sale.