5 important renovating lessons from The Block 

The Block isn’t a renovating show. It’s actually all about renovating for sale. Each set of contestants needs to produce a beautiful home that someone will eventually want to buy and live in. That’s why it’s one of our favourite shows because it’s right up our alley!

So, we thought we’d pull together a few of our favourite renovating-for-sale lessons that The Block exemplified; unsurprisingly after 16 seasons, there were more than enough drama-filled lessons to choose from!

Go for neutrals
It can be tempting to use your own personal taste on a renovation, but if you’re renovating in order to sell, it’s best to use neutral colours and patterns and avoid any outlandish or polarising furniture or design ideas. You might love leopard print and fluros, but that look is just not for everyone (and the judges will hate it…!). The idea is to use colours that appeal to the most amount of people. The other reason to use neutrals is that it easily allows buyers to imagine their furniture in the space and to imagine living there.

Plan for the unexpected
Sure, during your renovation you might not have Scottie turn up with a challenge, a time limit, and a cash prize, but you will have unexpected things happen. No matter what happens, it pays to have some money and time set aside to fix the problem. Having no contingency plan will only delay your sale and ultimately cost you money.

Clever ideas will set you apart
Like the designers on The Block, renovating your property for sale is a great opportunity to rethink how your space is used and to come up with clever solutions to problem areas of your home. Awkward corners, small laundry, lack of storage? These are all great ways to do simple renovations to change a negative into a drawcard. Think extra shelves, hidden cupboards, dual action rooms, etc. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it will help buyers see the potential in your home.

Know your market
Each couple on The Block tends to design for a particular segment of the market by the nature of their styling. It works for them to play to their strengths, but when it comes to your renovation, look at who is buying in your area, what are they looking for, and what are their circumstances. Are they families? Singles? Retirees? It’ll help the sale of your house if you can understand what your buyers want in a house.

Renovating is stressful
If you’ve seen even just 10 minutes of this show, you’ll know that renovating is stressful. It can put a wedge in any friendship and affect relationships. If you don’t think you’re quite up to DIYing it, it’s better to employ professionals who can help save you money during the renovation, then make you money when you sell. Your Property Profits can help relieve this stress, and help you gain more money after settlement.

Here at Your Property Profits, we want to understand your expectations for your home, so we can help bring you the most value to your property. Interested in finding out what Your Property Profits can do for you? Find out more or contact us for a chat about your home.